• Wildlife trapping and removal
  • Deceased animal removal
  • Ground Squirrel and Gopher Gassing
  • Repair and Exclusion

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

4-step process for nuisance wildlife removal.

1. Inspection.  Prompt and accurate nuisance wildlife identification/determination of which wildlife species is causing damage.  Assessment of existing and potential damage, locate animal’s access point into your property.  We conduct a thorough inspection throughout all areas of your home or business, including the interior (attic & crawl spaces), exterior (vents, soffit, chimney, etc.) and landscaping.  This is to identify what nuisance wildlife species we’re dealing with, determining the extent of property damage incurred as well as define the animals access points into your property.

2. Trapping. Choose the appropriate control method for trapping and removing the animal. We set traps based on our observations from the inspection.  We use the most humane and environmentally friendly techniques available today.  Our most common nuisance trapping circumstances are squirrel removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal and opossum removal.

3. Removal. Once trapped, all nuisance animals are safely removed away from the property in accordance with the California Department of Fish and Game guild lines. Orphan wildlife can be transported to a wildlife rehabilitation facility upon request.

4. Repair/Exclusion. Wildlife damage repairs are an important part of the wild animal control process. Once we have determined that all the animals have been removed, our wildlife technicians will recommend the necessary animal exclusion and damage repair work that should be done to prevent future nuisance animal conflicts. Habitat modification advise is addressed if the animals are doing damage outside the structure.

Deceased Animal Removal

Noticing a foul odor coming from the crawl space? Found a dead animal in your yard? If you have a dead animal on your property that you want removed, we can help. Call for details.