Bat Exclusion and Removal

Most bat infestations occur along structures with very narrow gaps which allow the bats to roost and make a home. 

Typically these areas are along the trim of a roof, under the eaves of a roof, along the edges of manufactured or wooden structures, and in some rare cases, under raised porches and decks.

If you have a bat infestation you need a bat exclusion service. If you do not exclude bats from your property, they will return to the exact same spot, year after year, to roost.

A successful bat removal service for any property it involves a two-step process. The first  to identify the entrance point to the bat roost. Once the entrance point, or points are found, a one-way tunnel should be installed to allow bats to exit but not re-enter. Over several days the bats leave the roost and are not able to return. 

The second part of the process involves exclusion or the blocking off and sealing the cracks and crevices adjacent to or near where the roost is located. 

During an inspection these areas are identified and discussed.