Dead Animal Removal Services in Attics, Crawlspaces and Homes

Is there a funny smell in your home? Do you suspect something has died in your attic or under your home? Has that cute squirrel or raccoon that you saw all the time on your roof now gone suspiciously around the same time the foul odor fills your home?

It’s likely you will need dead animal recovery service. Locating a dead animal is a difficult task. Finding a dead animal in an attic can be hard given space restrictions, the actual animal itself, and the amount of insulation in the way of searching. Conversely, removing a dead animal from under a home can be just as difficult to locate. With low crawl spaces, pipes and ductwork in the way, and the ability for animals to crawl up into the wall.

How successful is a dead animal removal service? Given all the above, there is a 50% chance that a dead animal will be found and able to be successfully removed. I let all customers know this ahead of time to be completely transparent about the process. Whether it is a dead rat or dead wildlife removal, the smell can last for days to weeks in a home.

After the dead animal has been removed, often the homeowner will want remediation performed in the attic which I can provide guidance for as well.