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Pocket Gophers Removal and Control Services

Even though pocket gophers spend most of their time underground and out of sight, the damage they leave behind is highly visible and displeasing to the eye. Their extensive burrowing and tunneling can ruin lawns, while their feeding habits can result in the destruction of gardens and flowerbeds. Gophers also excavate mounds of soil when they burrow, which then become eyesores scattered around the yard. The pests sometimes damage water lines and sprinkler systems with their digging and gnawing, and their tunnels can disrupt the flow of irrigation water, which results in soil erosion.

Voles and Yard-Garden Moles Removal and Control Services

Moles are carnivores that feed on earthworms, grubs, and other insects. Moles are generally beneficial, though their tunneling activities may become problematic. Their tunnels cause damage to lawns, gardens, golf courses, and pastures. Though more an irritation than fiscally taxing, mole activity can turn grasses unsightly shades of brown and even prevent planted vegetation from becoming securely rooted into place.

Non-Toxic Methods Eliminate Ground Squirrels, Gophers, Moles, Voles Quickly

Our experienced technicians can eliminate your gophers, moles, voles and ground squirrels quickly, and effectively. With our non-toxic methods we work safely around homes, businesses, schools, parks, vineyards and golf courses. Give us a call today!! (916) 802-9453

Trapping services for properties in Carmichael, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Sacramento and surrounding counties where nuisance gopher or yard mole removal and control is needed. Call Today and get your vole problems solved once and for all.