Exterminator for Rats and Mice, Remove and Control Unwanted Rodents Sacramento and Surrounding Counties

Mice and Rats Removal and Control Services

Rats and mice can make a mess in the attic with unhealthy droppings, insulation used for nests, and chewing on wood and wiring. If you hear chewing or little feet scurrying back and forth, you have a problem. Droppings on the roof or near your foundation can also indicate a rodent problem. Rats and mice can reproduce quickly so no time to waste and call the professionals at Sacramento Valley Wildlife services.

The first step is to remove any undesired rats or mice. Next is inspecting and securing your home or business from any possible points of entry and making any repairs. And then a continuous trapping and removal service if needed.

We offer the following rodent removal and control services:

  • Residential/commercial rodent inspections
  • Exclusion and repairs to keep rodents out of structure
  • Poison fee (option) for rodent control
  • Monthly rodent trapping (no annual contract required)

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